Using Teeth as an Argument?

I’ve long been the type of person to base an argument on history or science, and I still do most of the time. However, when our humanity and reasoning come into the picture, it’s hard to base something on pure biological/evolutionary basis. And the biggest reason for that? We’ve evolved to the point where our reasoning should be considered first and foremost.

So, when I hear people say that humans are meant to eat meat because they have canine teeth and our ancestors did it, I’m caught at an awkward point when it comes to retorting, if only because they technically aren’t wrong with what they just stated. However, they are wrong in how they’re thinking about it. And that’s because they’re choosing to ignore our extreme intelligence, empathy, and reasoning compared to the rest of the animal kingdom and our ancestors.

Teeth shouldn’t be the basis of an argument or point, though if it’s one that’s in favor of modern dentistry, then it should matter more than anything else. But for diet and how you handle going about your day thinking of food, reasoning and capacity for empathy matter most. And technology plays a big factor too considering the advances our species has gone to secure an alternative means for making any and all types of foods out of plants.

While I know I can come off a bit heated on this topic, I mean well when bringing it up (and even that, that’s rare). I always try to discuss things from a neutral point of view so that whomever I’m talking to realizes I don’t mean any harm or that I’m not trying to convert them. And besides, good discussions aren’t made based on bias or passion. They’re made on neutral fact-reporting and a calm demeanor in getting points across.

Of course, when you’re emotionally invested in something that does not mean you don’t have a good point. I’m just saying that the best types of listening happen when everyone in discussion feels at ease and like they’re being heard too. And that’s why I always try to remain neutral, unbiased, and understanding of the other person’s point.

So no matter what you believe or what you’re trying to talk about, remember what I said about teeth: they shouldn’t be used as a basis of an argument. (Haha, but for real, if you’re planning on having a healthy future and a great diet, taking care of your teeth is extremely important!)

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